School Libraries are NOT Boring!

“But Miss…Libraries are boring…”

I’ve recently got into the habit of replying to this comment with “Only boring people get bored” or “Everytime you say that, a librarian somewhere drops down dead!”.

Why is that despite some of our best efforts to create fun and modern library space, some children still just don’t get it? Perhaps it is because of the PR image of libraries that has prevailed in society for hundreds of years. Libraries are seen as dusty old halls with nasty old librarians in pencil skirts telling you to “Shoosh!”.

But no more!! We school librarians are on a crusade to change and improve our image.

School libraries need to step up their game to come up with new and interesting ways to keep those young readers coming through our doors. If we fail to innovate and keep up with modern technology, libraries may well truly become a thing of the past. It has been proven in many studies that reading improves a childs learning in all areas at school, and in life, so we cannot afford for libraries to fall by the wayside. We would be doing our children a disservice.

Ways to use technology in the library:

Electronics have opened up a whole new world, and librarians need to be part of it, not afraid. These technologies have given us a whole new way of working with children to nurture the love of stories, and new ways to advertise our collections to our users.

  • eBooks or readalong story videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Digital library catalogues
  • QR codes

The children I work with really enjoy being able to “Google” what books are in our library using our online catalogue.

As well as keeping up with modern tech, we need to become more than just static holding places for books. Librarians, get involved! Start a reading club, or hold some competitions. Make sure that things like “World Book Day” are the biggest events on your library calender.

School libraries can not afford to be “Boring”, so lets make sure we’re the most exciting room in the school.

Hannah 🙂

P.s: For more ideas, this article has seven amazing ways to become a more impactful librarian:


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