World Book Day – March 2, 2017

I have a favourite day, that comes around every year…and it’s not my birthday.

Thats right! World Book Day is just around the corner. This is the day I work towards every year. My woodstock. The time for the library to shine….

But seriously.

World book day is a fantastic way to celebrate books, the love of reading, and libraries. The website: has a bunch of incredible resources available for free to make your world book day special.

This year, the featured artist is the incredible Liz Pichon, of Tom Gates fame. She lends her talents to create some of the most glorious illustrations you ever did see.

In our library this year, we have five World Book Day competitions:

  • Design a Bookmark
  • Design a new book cover for your fave book
  • Write a Book Review
  • Short Story Comp

And last but not least, Reading in weird places. This is my favourite competition, where kids take a photo of themselves reading in a silly place. Its a chance to have a bit of fun with reading.
Last year my first place winner was reading inside the refrigerator.

We’re also having a school wide dress up day, and teachers are joining in by organising buddy reading sessions and dressing up their classrooms like book covers.

I am so excited.

Have you got your book character costume ready yet?


Hannah 🙂




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